Hansen Throws Twitter Grenade at Negreanu

Gus 'The Great Dane' Hansen has seemingly had enough of the Howard Lederer haters and hasn't been afraid to let a few people (well, quite a lot really seeing as it was on Twitter) know what his feelings are. His Tweet on the 26th of December was "@RealGusHansen: Do people hate Howard Lederer because of evidence of foul play or because Daniel Negreanu and Jason Mercier tell everybody to hate him?". Negreanu has been pretty outspoken regarding the whole Full Tilt so called Ponzi scheme that Lederer is accused of running and has made several statements confirming his opinion, even dragging Annie Duke into the equation. Lederer has settled his civil complaint but Hansens' Tweet, having yet to receive a response, has got the forums buzzing with those for and against Lederer. There has been plenty of commentary on the major forums however many following the Full Tilt/Lederer story are seeing this as a side show to the main event. The fact is that Lederer is going through the motions with the US, and the most important thing for online poker players is that Full Tilt, thanks to Pokerstars is back in the game, non US players have been paid, or are getting paid and those US players that are owed money are playing the waiting game with the DOJ, but at least the ball is rolling.