Poker News: Pokerstars Looking to Buy Atlantic Club Casino

PokerStars to go Bricks and Mortar?

Rumors abound that the giant of online poker PokerStars is ready to take its' name, it's world famous brand and its' spending power offline and make the purchase of a land based casino in Atlantic City. The murmurings became a tad louder when it was reported in the Wall Street Journal. This could be a very smart move by the company that revolutionized poker as it's looking more and more likely that New Jersey will see legalized online gambling sooner than most states. The exact casino in question is The Atlantic Club Casino which is currently owned by investment group Colony Capital. However, should Stars wish to make a serious bid for the well known casino then they will have to dig deep as it is reported that it made the investment group a cool $110 million this past year. PokerStars left the US market after a money laundering probe which did end up with a few charges being given out but has since settled things with the Department of Justice and will 100% want to be part of any legalized poker dealings in the Garden State. Again, it's one of those stories with a "we'll have to wait and see" endings, but here's hoping there's some truth in it.