Lock Poker and the International Stadiums Poker Tour

Lock poker is extremely proud to announce that it will be the sole satellite partner for US players for the International Stadiums Poker Tour. Lock is well known for its' innovative promotions but this one really does take things to another level. The event promises to be the largest poker tournament ever held and Lock couldn't help but get in on the action, which is nothing but absolutely fantastic news for all of its players. The initial tournament is taking place at the amazing Wembley Stadium in London, home to the England football team and host to many major sporting events each and every year. The organizers are looking to mix the huge amounts of players in large online tournaments with the spectacle and visuals of a major sporting event, and if all goes according to plan then this will have to be seen to be believed, and will dwarf anything that has come before it. We will have to wait a while for the full satellite details and what we know at the moment is that the tourney will take place this May and that the estimated prize pool will be 10,000,000 Euros. Lock have stated that there will be buy ins on the satellite schedule to suit all budgets which is great news all round and that players of every level will get a shot at this incredible event.