London Casino Refuses to Pay Phil Ivey

London casino Crockfords' the oldest casino in London having been around for 184 years is refusing to pay Phil Ivey over $11 million when he hit an incredible winning streak playing Punto Banco. The casino, situated in Londons' upmarket Mayfair says that they are holding an internal investigation as to what they believe may be collusion. Ivey was playing along side an Asian woman who they think may be involved in some way. The casino initially said they would pay Ivey however after six weeks waiting he has only received the $1 million that he started playing with. Staff, including the female croupier are being interviewed at length amid the fears of collusion and it still remains what, if indeed anything Phil Ivey has been accused of. Lawyers are now involved on both sides however at this point the police have yet to be informed. Ivey the 35 year old Californian poker pro spent two nights in August playing at the casino when he hit the amazing streak playing for around four hours each night. The casino is owned by Genting a Malaysian gaming company and has yet released a statement. It will be interesting to see how this pans out and whether the king of the felt gets his pay out or not.