Poker Stars are Born and Live Here

When you talk about the world's largest online poker community you need look no further than Poker Stars which actually boasts the largest online poker room on the internet and in fact the world. With its huge variety of tables and stakes there is sure to be something for everyone whether you are a casual player or a pro. Speaking of pros some of the top names in poker are sponsored by Poker Stars and if that is not enough to get you going for a full house you can even play against them.

As far as setting the standard goes Poker Stars is at the top of its game and it has an unprecedented variety of tournaments and every sort of stake , limit or poker table game you can possibly think of and probably a few more as well. As with most poker website Poker Stars have a huge range of promotions and loyalty bonuses that would be enough to get even the most hardcore poker player salivating at the prospect of winning some of their great prizes.

The software that Poker Stars uses is as you would expect is top of its game and offers players fast and highly reliable game play with a great expanse to make your poker experience as individual as you would like to make it. In a nut shell the software on offer has and still does hold the industry standard when it comes to the online poker community.

There are however a few draw backs when it comes to actually playing the game and it is not down to the site itself but the fact that the players on tables vary dramatically so on one table you could be playing against a few amateurs who just want to play a few hands of poker where as the next table could literally put you into the lions den and you could be playing against people who play extremely aggressively.

If you like a larger variety of different games on offer other than the usual styles of play of poker then Poker Stars certainly has a game selection that will keep you busy with a number of games like razz, badugi , mixed hold em , and H.O.R.S.E.

As I mentioned before Poker Stars has some pro names on their sponsored team and none come bigger than the World Series of Poker main event champion Chris Moneymaker as well as Daniel Negreanu and you not only have the chance to play these guys you can actually chat to them to so if you need some tips Poker Stars is certainly a good place to look for them.

With the largest amount of traffic of any of the online poker rooms found at Poker Stars with around twenty thousand playing the ring games and a huge one hundred and fifty thousand during tournament peak hours Poker Stars is established as the best that the online poker community has to offer.