Everest moving to iPoker network

Everest Make the Move to iPoker

It was recently confirmed that Everest Poker will indeed be joining the iPoker Network joining the likes of William Hill, Titan Poker, Bet365, Mansion Poker and many more. The move has been on the cards for a while and Everest clearly thought that the time was right. Everest were once seen as one of the online poker industries major players, however in recent months the number of real cash players has fallen and some sources are reporting that up to 40% of its' traffic has now gone. It will be interesting to see how this deal works out for Everest, once a major stand alone operator now joining forces with a large network. Obviously their traffic will increase but the true independency they once had will be taken away. The deal will work out well for iPoker as the Everest French offering does very well and this is an area where iPoker has yet to take a foot hold. There is other news from iPoker too in that it's introducing a new set of requirements from sites that want to stay in the iP1 category by asking them to have at least 6500 active players per month, and increase their total player base by a minimum of 850 members per month. Again, it will be interesting to see what effect that has on some of the smaller rooms.

The Future For Everest

No date has yet been set for the move but there will be changes at Everest as they move to the worlds' second largest poker network. Everest players however should be looking forward to the move as the numbers speak for themselves and when you add the amount of Everest cash players, some 570, to iPoker Networks 2800 cash players you get a significant amount of tables on the go and much more chance for Everest players to get a game at the higher stakes games. It could be a good move for everyone concerned, iPoker get a deal with a once major brand, Everest get to up their player base and offer their existing players more liquidity and the online poker world gets to watch and see how it all plays out. Fingers crossed it works out well and everyone is happy with the deal, however a few observers will be a little disappointed that the poker world has lost an innovative independent room.