MamaCool Beats The Beast Again at ACR

To say that MamaCoolJ had a good end to 2012 would be a little bit of an understatement. He took first place on the Beasts' leaderboard in October, November and must have thought, ahh well, may as well make it a he took Decembers prize too! That all adds up to a ridiculous amount of cash, with the first place prize paying $13,650 alone. Add that to the amount he won spending hours every day grinding away at the Beasts tables and you are left with one very happy online poker player. In the last three months MamaCoolJ has played 800,000 hands and December saw him win by over 17,000 points with Mbolt1 finishing as runner up. It's also a great time to grab the hat-trick as this win gives him a seat in the $75,000 Guaranteed tournament at ACRs' Online Super Series II. Americas Cardroom spokesperson Michael Harris gave us some info regarding the Beasts pay outs stating, "This is not only a milestone month for MamaCoolJ, but it's also a big deal for Americas Cardroom. A total of $226,545.81 were awarded in tournament prizes and $690,351.19 in cash prizes for a grand total of $916,897 to close the year 2012. And that's only 6 months worth of rewardssince we first launched the Beast in July 2012". The Beast is one of the most innovative promotions in the online poker industry, as it is a progressive rake race that's funded by players that play at the Beast Jackpot tables. Any player that plays a hand at the jackpot tables is automatically entered into the competition as they contribute to raked hands which is added to the total amount to be awarded at the end of each month. 574 players got a piece of Decembers' prize pool, so it's not just our hat-trick hero who pocketed a prize.