Playing Online Poker in Idaho

Idaho being a pretty conservative state is not the most friendly place to be for a poker player. Idaho classes poker as a game of chance, not skill and because most form of gambling outside of state regulation is illegal then so is playing poker. Keep reading and you will see that homes games are a gray area to say the least, but there is a beacon of light as far as playing online poker is concerned and many poker players choose to do just that at great sites such as BetOnline Poker.

Playing Home Games in Idaho

There are many states that allow home games of poker where the establishment is not making a profit from the game and is therefore pretty much classed as a social game. In Idaho however, this is not the case and home games, for all intents and purposes are illegal. Idaho law although not stating clearly whether it classes poker as a game of chance or skill, has poker on a list of prohibited games, so whether skill or chance is immaterial. It's not clear how strongly local law enforcement agencies will go to stop games and prosecute players and should you wish to hold or take part in a home game, there is nothing stopping you checking with your local agency to see where you stand.

Playing Online Poker in Idaho

Idaho's gambling laws as with many states are way behind the times. There is no mention of internet poker, or in fact telephone gambling of any sort. With this in mind residents of Idaho will have to look at laws at a Federal level. There are no laws at Federal level against playing online poker. There are laws against banks making transactions to offshore gambling establishments, but nothing at all against the players themselves. With this in mind then the residents of Idaho are totally free to play online poker and there are many online poker rooms ready and waiting to accept them. BetOnline Poker and Americas Cardroom are probably the best of the bunch.

Playing Poker in Idaho's Casinos

This is a no go area as none of Idaho's six casinos are allowed to offer poker. The casinos are fairly new and may only offer a limited amount of gambling, such as slots, video poker and off track horse wagering. With this in mind and the situation regarding playing poker at home, it appears that in Idaho your best bet is to get online and play.