Playing Poker in New Jersey

New Jersey is simply one of the best states in the entire union when it comes to poker, in fact, when it comes to all types of gambling. New Jersey has always been a pro gambling state and they have now in fact regulated Online Poker themselves. As of yet however there are no New Jersey regulated sites available and many players get their action at Black Chip Poker. New Jersey is the prime gambling destination on the East Coast with plenty of huge casinos to be found in Atlantic City. Poker in New Jersey is a big thing and the larger casinos take the game very seriously and as far as home games go you have no real worries, so read on to find out where you stand when playing poker in the Garden State.

Playing Home Games in New Jersey

Home games are allowed in New Jersey as long as a few conditions are met. If you are only participating in the game then you have no problems, however if you promoted the game or organized it then you may be in trouble, as long as you are not profiting from the game in any way. You could be charged of a felony if you, “…accept or receives money or other property pursuant to an agreement or understanding with any person whereby he participates or will participate in the proceeds of such gambling activity…” You may win money playing in the game, but you may not profit for organizing it.

Playing Online Poker in New Jersey

New Jersey legalized online poker in 2012 and went live in November 2013 and residents of the state over the age of 21 may login and play at those casinos that offer it. This however has not changed things that much as for many years residents of the states have been enjoying playing online poker at the many great offshore poker sites. There will be a big difference in the New Jersey regulated sites and offshore sites in that it will take a while for them to get up to speed as far as amount of players is concerned, meaning less activity and smaller tournaments. It is however truly refreshing to see a state embracing online gambling and creating much needed state revenue and jobs.

Playing Poker in New Jersey Casinos

As mentioned New Jersey casinos take their poker seriously and the larger establishments have dedicated poker rooms with daily tournaments and stake levels starting around the $2/$4 mark. New Jersey is a poker players paradise and Atlantic City casinos attract both residents of the state and plenty of tourists alike.