Playing Online Poker in Iowa

Playing poker in Iowa couldn't be easier. It has a few laws that we should be aware of but all said and done this state is one of the best for all types of players. Some states tie you up in knots when trying to enjoy a game but Iowa with its very good casino offering, no laws against online poker with many residents regularly enjoying a game at sites such as BetOnline Poker, and just a few things to be careful of should you be playing in, or hosting a home game then Iowa gets a big thumbs up from its poker playing residents.

Playing a Home Game in Iowa

Playing at home in Iowa is about the only time you need to be careful and stick to a few rules, but none of them will stop you from having a game of poker. For a social game of poker to be fully legal then the following must be adhered to. Games must not take place in a school, all players must have a social relationship, the host cannot charge a fee or rake the pot, the game must be fair, all players must be allowed to take their turn in dealing, all players must be over the age of 18 and no player can win more than $50.00 in a 24 hour period. Seems pretty straight forward and the $50 win limit is the only thing we can think of that could, to some players, be annoying. Apart from that Iowa home games are just fine.

Playing Online Poker in Iowa

Like most states Iowa is yet to address the issue of online poker. State law does not even mention gambling data being transmitted by telephone or any other electronic device. There is absolutely nothing stopping residents of Iowa playing online poker and many residents do just that. There are many online poker sites available for them to play at with BetOnline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Carbon Poker being three of the best. Remember that there are no federal laws against online poker and until that changes, and it doesn't look like it will in the near future then Iowans are totally free to play.

Playing Poker in Iowa's Casinos

Iowa has plenty of casinos and they are all privately owned which means you will get a lot of variety and differences from one casino to the next. They are all fully licensed and regulated by the state and whilst some are just horse racing tracks, many of them are fully blown casinos offering plenty of different games. Slots and table games are available and so is poker. The larger casinos offer plenty of poker action and are great for the player that is looking to play for larger stakes than the home games allow.