Playing Online Poker in Illinois

The great state of Illinois is not well known for its' friendly attitude when it comes to any forms of gambling. While gambling in the state is legal in regulated venues there are strict rules in place that are known to have been enforced for home games and playing online is mentioned in the Penal Code, however many poker players do play at sites such as BetOnline, keep reading this article to find out exactly where you stand when playing poker in Illinois.

Playing Poker at Home

Illinois have really laid down the law when it comes to playing home games and article 28 section 1 states that, "A person commits gambling when when he plays a game of chance or skill for money or other things of value". That statement really covers all bases when the argument that poker is a game of skill pops up. It is also an offense to host a game in your home, and as Draconian as these laws may sound they are known to have been enforced in the state.

Playing Poker in a Casino

There are of course casinos in Illinois and these are taxed by the state, and are therefore totally legal and above board. The bad news for poker players however is that only three casinos in the state actually offer poker at all, and one of them closes the poker tables at the weekend! The good news is that at least the poker player knows that he or she is playing poker legally in a authorized place.

Online Poker in Illinois

As mentioned, playing poker online is included in the Penal Code and anyone from the state of Illinois and article 28 states that it is against the law to be, "operating an internet site that permits a person to play a game of chance or skill for money or other things of value by means of the internet". This law is really the same as the laws that are in place when it comes to home games, however there is absolutely nothing in place to enforce these laws. With there being no federal law against online poker and no enforcement measures in place to prohibit it then means that many residents of Illinois enjoy their game of online poker regularly in one of the many poker rooms that provide it for them. Betonline Poker is a popular place to play, as are Full Flush and Americas Cardroom and they all cater for players from Illinois.