Playing Online Poker in Alaska

Gambling isn't something that springs to mind when you think of Alaska and it has a mixed bag of rules regarding it. There are no casinos in Alaska and it's totally against the laws to operate a card room, however a game at home with certain restrictions is fine and online poker appears to be legal too with many residents playing at such online poker rooms as BetOnline Poker. Keep reading to find out more about poker in the state of Alaska.

Playing a Home Game in Alaska

When playing a game at home in Alaska it shouldn't be too hard to stay within the rules so that you and your buddies can settle down to a nice game of cards. Like many states Alaska enforces the rule that means as long as you are not charging an entry fee or raking the pot then you are fine. Under the Penal Code this is classed as a social game and therefore legal, however the laws change dramatically should you be making a profit from the game. This is classed as promoting the game and is a serious offence, and the Penal Code states, “A person commits the crime of promoting gambling in the first degree if the person promotes or profits from an unlawful gambling enterprise.” This is amazingly classed as a Class C felony, and you do not want one of those on your record.

Playing Online Poker in Alaska

There is no reason to worry when playing online in Alaska, as with most states there is no mention in the law regarding online gambling at all and as long as you are not operating or profiting in any way other than your winnings then all is ok. There is of course no law at Federal level and many Alaskans enjoy a game online in one of the many online poker rooms that cater for them such as Betonline Poker, Full Flush Poker and Juicy Stakes.

Playing Poker in Alaska Casinos

There really is no such thing as a casino in Alaska and the most you will get is a game of bingo in most of the places that allow certain forms of gambling. Even small towns are allowed what they call casinos but there are no table games and definitely no poker. Bills pop up now and then to legalize more forms of gambling and to open up a few real casinos however they never seem to get very far however with changing times and most states seeking out new revenue streams it's an issue that will be popping up again soon.