Playing Online Poker in Hawaii

Hawaii is a little bit of a mixed bag when it comes to playing poker, but in the main it has a fairly relaxed view of it. The state of Hawaii has long been known as a great holiday destination, with sun, sea and all the good times that go with it. For this reason you would think that casinos would be big business here however think again. Many poker players choose to play online at places such as BetOnline Poker and we'll also look at that too. Take a read of the below and find out where you stand when playing poker in the beautiful state if Hawaii.

Playing Poker at Home in Hawaii

Although most forms of gambling are illegal in Hawaii the state does make an exception for what it classes as social gaming. By that it means that if all players are on an equal footing and no-one is profiting from the game then home games are just fine. Players must make sure that the game is being held in the confines of a private residence and that no minors are present during the game. As long as these pretty simple guidelines are followed then you will not be breaking any law.

Playing Online Poker in Hawaii

Again, as with many other states, Hawaii has no mention at all of playing online poker. The state turns a blind eye to home games and this appears to be the case of playing online. As long as you are not operating an online poker room from your home then Hawaii does not have a problem with it. With no law at Federal level either, residents of Hawaii are free to play online whenever they choose. There are many online poker rooms that are more than willing to accept them too, andFull Flush Poker and Americas Cardroom are two of the more popular online poker rooms, all with great reputations.

Playing in Hawaii's Casinos

There is only a very limited amount of gambling that is legally available in the state of Hawaii. Bingo, some sports betting and raffles are allowed but as far as casinos go then you will not find any. Although there is a very relaxed attitude about playing in your own home or online that is not the case when it comes to casinos as Hawaii has a an anti-gambling attitude, possibly due to religious beliefs. Regarding the tourist industry then the argument is always that Hawaii has a booming industry in that sector so would casinos really add to it. Many bills have been presented to legalize casinos but all have failed and this looks likely to be the case for a while yet.